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NEMTAC®, the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission®, is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of non-emergency medical transportation services. One of the ways that NEMTAC® achieves this goal is through its online education programs. 

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Certified Transport Specialist® (CTS)

The CTS® program is the first nationally accredited transportation program for NEMT drivers. The interactive self-paced curriculum covers topics such as customer service, essential requirements for operators, ethics, and safety procedures.

NEMT Customer Service
Essential Requirements for NEMT Operators
- Fraud, Waste & Abuse
- Civil Rights
- Ethics
NEMT Life Safety
- Hands Only CPR
- First Aid

Advanced Mobility Device Securement™ (AMDS)

Advanced Mobility Device Securement (AMDS) is a two part course which required both online and in-person course elements. This is a two (2) year certification. 

Please contact info@nemtac.co to discuss pricing and scheduling. ($45 fee for organizations with staff instructor)

Certified Stretcher Operator™

When it comes to emergency situations or transferring patients for medical procedures, the Certified Stretcher Operator becomes an invaluable asset, seamlessly navigating through crowded corridors and tight spaces with grace and composure. This is a two (2) year certification.

Please contact info@nemtac.co to discuss pricing and scheduling. ($45 fee for organizations with staff instructor)

Past Webinars

Whether you're seeking inspiration for your next project or looking to stay ahead of the curve in your field, past webinars offer an unparalleled opportunity to glean wisdom from those who have paved the way before us. Visit the link below.

Transform 2023 Virtual Conference (Online)

Did you miss Transform 2023?  Then take this opportunity to review all the sessions held during the conference.  Attendees have free access to the virtual conference.  

Additional Courses

Learn about the Advanced Mobility Device Securement Course (Wheelchair Securement) and Certified Stretcher Operator (CSO) courses to ensure safe transportation for people with mobility challenges. These courses combine online and in-person training for a well-rounded learning experience. Gain skills in securely transporting individuals with different mobility needs, making transportation safer and more inclusive. To get started, contact an instructor in your area by emailing info@nemtac.co. Enhance your skills, open up new opportunities, and make a positive impact on the lives of those you assist.

Certified Transport Specialist® (CTS®)
Advanced Mobility Device Securement™ (AMDS)
Advanced Mobility Device Securement - Instructor™ (AMDS-I)
Certified Stretcher Operator™ (CSO™)
Certified Stretcher Operator - Instructor™ (CSO-I™)
Virginia Stretcher Operator (VSO)
Virginia Stretcher Operator - Instructor (VSO-I)
Certified Training Instructor™ (CTI™)
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NEMTAC® is a nonprofit healthcare organization dedicated to championing standards and best practices for the provision of the non-emergency medical transportation industry.
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